Uses of Interface

Packages that use Payload
com.streamhub.api The main classes and interfaces of the Streaming API. 
com.streamhub.nio The main classes for creating and starting the server. 

Uses of Payload in com.streamhub.api

Classes in com.streamhub.api that implement Payload
 class JsonPayload
          JsonPayload sends its message as a JSON string.

Methods in com.streamhub.api with parameters of type Payload
 void PublishListener.onMessageReceived(Client client, String topic, Payload payload)
          This method will be called everytime a message is published by a client to the server.
 void Publisher.publish(String topic, Payload payload)
          Sends the payload to all clients who are subscribed to topic.
 void Client.send(String topic, Payload payload)
          Sends a message to this client on a particular topic

Uses of Payload in com.streamhub.nio

Methods in com.streamhub.nio with parameters of type Payload
 void NIOServer.publish(String topic, Payload payload)

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