AJAX/HTML Client Demo

A simple demo showing how to use the StreamHub Ajax API to connect to the StreamHub Server and subscribe to topics.

Real-time Chart Demo

A cross-browser demo showing how to create a real-time chart using the StreamHub Ajax API.

YUI Integration Demo

Shows how to use the StreamHub JS API with YUI, including creating a DataTable and mapping StreamHub updates to a DataSource.

Chat Demo

A basic chat demo showing how to use the publish functionality of the API.

Java Client SDK

The Java Client SDK is available with the Web and Enterprise Editions. It includes examples of how to create rich streaming applications for the Desktop.

Java Client Example Screenshot


The latest tutorials, news and getting started guides are available on the StreamHub Comet Blog. Here is a list of some of the introductory guides:

Community Edition

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StreamHub in action

See some examples of StreamHub.
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